Mrs Annette Holmes

Annette HOLMESLife before Girton


  • Diploma of Teaching- Australian Catholic University
  • Bachelor of Education – Victoria University ( Burwood)


  • St Bernadette’s North Sunshine
  • St Mary’s Williamstown
  • St John the Baptist, Ferntree Gully
  • St Mary’s Lancefield
  • Holy Rosary Heathcote
  • St Francis of the Fields Strathfieldsaye
  • Girton Grammar Bendigo

What I love about teaching:

  1. I love being surrounded by children and their amazing curiosity/ questions about life. I have the fortunate position of being able to impart some of my knowledge/ life skills  into the very receptive ears  of the children in my care.
  2. I have had the fortunate opportunity to teach in many varied schools both in Melbourne and country Victoria. Each one is unique in its composition. Each with its particular vision and mission statements. But there is something special about Girton Grammar. It is difficult to pinpoint. Is it the history/ days gone by? Is it the administration? Is it the teachers? Is it the parents? Or perhaps it is the amazing children who make up our school. I believe it is the latter!

What do you like best about your year level?

Owing to the number of years I have been teaching I have taught in all primary years. And without a shadow of a doubt my favourite year level is Year One. ( and fortunately this is the year level where I have spent most of my time at Girton Grammar).

Children in the second level of their  primary school education are just so ready to learn. One of my favourite sayings, ‘Children yearn to learn!’ For me it’s like the children are just ready to soak up all the facts and  figures you can present to them. Their little heads are ready to take on the world.

Children in Year One are no longer the little kids of the school. They know exactly what happens at all activities. From cross country, the athletics and swimming sports, they have done it before. They are no longer the new kids on the block!!!

My favourite classroom activity:

One of my favourite activities would have to be introducing the THRASS program to Year One. THRASS is an acronym for Teaching Handwriting, Reading and Spelling. This program is  phonologically based. It teaches phonemes ( sounds) and then matches the sound with its corresponding grapheme ( letters).

Another favourite activity would be the MSTIE program. In Term Four two student teachers from LaTrobe University, Bendigo in conjunction with the Year One Teachers develop a Science based program. This year our focus was on physical and chemical change. We called our topic, ‘Transformers’.

What difference can good teaching make?

Anyone can teach.  You just follow the manual and graduate with a piece of paper. But it’s a good teacher who teaches well.

It’s the good teacher that parents and children remember. It’s the good teacher who goes that extra bit. It’s the teacher who cares that little bit more.  It’s the good teacher who listens that little bit more. It’s the good teacher who shows  empathy. It’s the good teacher who is that bit more patient. I hope that I am that good teacher.

Other Hats: 

My co-curricular activity is basketball.

At present I am the team manager for the Girton Eagles (Boys Under 10 Div. 1) and Girton Magic (Boys Under 12 Div. 1  )

We train each Thursday night and play on Friday afternoons.

My other co- curricular activity is SUPA Club.

Each Thursday at lunch time a group of children meet together in the library.

We read stories about Jesus. We sing, we role play and we create art/ craft objects to celebrate our SUPA Club saying. Eg. Try to be responsible.

My hobbies:

  • I have numerous hobbies/ interests in my life.
  • I have two daughters who love shopping with me
  • I have two black Labradors, Billie and Paddy who love their walk.
  • Each Saturday I play golf at Axedale Golf Club.
  • I love to garden and I love decorating my home. ( I’m a bit of a BLOCK fan!)