Mr Takahiro Maeda

Takahiro MAEDALife before Girton

I am from Japan and I moved to Australia when I was 17. I completed VCE at Lilydale Adventist Academy in Melbourne, graduating from a Bachelor of Fine Art, majoring in Photomedia at Monash University and completed a Master of Secondary Teaching at the University of Melbourne. After university, I moved to Wangaratta to teach Japanese and Visual Art at Wangaratta High School.

What I love about Teaching

What I love about teaching is that I learn and discover new things while I teach. Students are full of surprises and inspiration. While I teach them, they teach me something new as well. I never get bored teaching and I especially like teaching at Girton Grammar School.  In my 3 months of teaching at Girton a Grammar have been given great support from my colleagues and students’ parents. I believe that building a good rapport with students, parents and the school is a vital part of teaching and Girton Grammar School is a great environment and foundation for teachers, students and parents.

What do you like best about the subject/s you teach?

I believe that learning a second language is an essential factor for learners to be global citizens; especially in Australia where various cultures and people interact socially. The main purpose of a LOTE subject is to develop students’ awareness of other cultures and customs rather than their own. As a global citizen myself, I have experienced many cultural differences and I would love to share my experience with my students.

My favourite classroom activity

So far I really enjoyed the activity where Girton students and Gojo students (Japanese exchange students) worked on a Japanese quiz together.

A group of 4 or 5 students have one Japanese exchange student and they are given Japanese related questions such as “What does Karaoke mean?”* (*Answer empty orchestra)

Some questions are quite hard and students have to ask the Japanese exchange students for answers, however the Japanese exchange students are usually not capable of speaking English. Therefore students have to speak Japanese and use their body language to communicate with the Japanese exchange students to get the answer.

It is quite interesting to see students communicate without English and students always have fun and build good relationship with Japanese students.

What difference can good teaching make?

Learning a language is quite different to learning other subjects, however there is a point in common in every subject. A successful student in any subject is one who works consistently and never neglects their daily effort and those who give 100% effort and are not afraid of failure. As I always tell my students, there is a value in making mistakes and failing ONLY IF they put in effort seriously.

Other Hats

My co-curricular activity this year is volleyball. I have not played much volleyball before however I love sports and it is a great way to know students and also develop students’ teamwork skills. I sometimes play basketball and soccer at lunch time with students. It is great to see students outside of the classroom and to build a positive relationship with them.

My hobbies outside of work is to play soccer, touch football and tennis. I also love taking photos, travelling, visiting galleries, camping and fishing.