Mr Matthew James

Matthew JAMESLife before Girton

I have been teaching since 2004 in both Australia and the United Kingdom. I have taught in the public and private sectors. I have a Business Degree and a Diploma of Education.

What I Love about Teaching

  1. The content of the subject area (Mathematics)
  2. The ‘light bulb’ moment
  3. Being in the classroom working with students who wish to advance their knowledge of Mathematics

What do you like best about the subject/s you teach?
Mathematics builds logic and pattern recognition in the brain. The structure of Mathematics assists with organisational and problem-solving skills. It is also loads of fun.

Mathematics is important for any person whether they are an art student or an engineering major. I once read that in order for an artist to sell a painting they would need to use logic, problem-solving skills, equations, and so on. Whilst this may be difficult to imagine people must remember that Mathematics is not just numbers but also skills used in solving Mathematical problems.

My favourite classroom activity
What classroom activity to you think the students most enjoy?
What do you feel your students get out of this activity?

Solving and then sketching a quartic equation without the aid of technology. An appreciation for the various Mathematical skills used to complete the task.

What difference can good teaching make?
Describe the traits of a successful student in your subject or class.
What attributes of your own do you hope your students benefit from?

Active participation, organisation, grit, determination, self-discipline and time management

An enjoyment for my job and in particular my subject area.

Other Hats

  • MIC of Volleyball

I take an active interest in various sports. I enjoy traveling, listening to a range of genres of music and watching movies – particularly oddball films.