Mr Marcus Smalley

Marcus SMALLEYLife before Girton

  • Graduated Girton Grammar School 2005
  • 2010 graduated LaTrobe University completing a Bachelor of Physical and Outdoor Education
  • 2011 Commenced full time employment a Wedderburn P-12 College
  • 2014 June – Commenced in a Physical Education role a Girton Grammar

What I Love about Teaching

I feel that being able to support, educate and guide children through such an exciting and changing time of their lives is a huge responsibility, and one that I thoroughly enjoy. Creating a rapport with students with different interests and backgrounds is both challenging and extremely rewarding.

Girton provides such a fantastic scaffold for young people to grow both intellectually and emotionally, and I can attest from personal experience that this is extremely beneficial for adolescence in our school system.

What do you like best about the subject/s you teach?

Physical Education provides students with a wide range of experiences and skills. Apart from the obvious lifelong health benefits of physical activity, PE teaches students the importance of fair play, resilience, responsibility and team building skills.

Aside from having plenty of fun, students are exposed to new and exciting sports, develop their existing skills and sports the already play and can have some friendly competition with classmates.

My favourite classroom activity

Students generally enjoy invasion games that involve soft balls which can be used to throw, kick or hit depending on the game’s requirements. These games are always plenty of fun which is nice stress release for students.

What difference can good teaching make?

I believe creating a rapport with students is essential to create a successful working relationship. By understanding each student’s individual interests and work requirements, you can deliver specialised content, designed to target individual learning styles. It is essential that students are not treated as “one size fits all” in relation to understanding subject content.

I would hope that students would benefit from my approachability, understanding of their particular needs and jovial nature.

Other Hats

I am currently involved in the Girton Basketball Club in a coaching role. I have also recently taken on the head coach role of our Senior Cricket teams.

Personally, I am an active sportsman with experience in AFL, Basketball and Cricket where I currently represent the Bendigo United Cricket Club.