Mr Les Evans

Les EVANSLife before Girton


  • BSc (Melb)
  • Dip Ed (ICE)
  • B Ed (Deakin)
  • M Ed (Deakin)
  • B gardening – Real Name Dip Applied Science (Amenity Horticulture)


  • St Joseph’s Echuca
  • Marian College Myrtleford
  • St John’s Darwin
  • Our Lady of Mercy College Heidelberg
  • Sacred Heart College Kyneton
  • Catholic College Bendigo

What I Love about Teaching

  • Working with students, allowing them to see the beauty of Mathematics
    There is always an opportunity to learn and make new discoveries which you can share.
  • The culture which the students create. They encourage each other to achieve and take such pride in each other’s accomplishments. They care and are so willing to make a difference.

What do you like best about the subject/s you teach?

Mathematics gives you a unique way to think about the world. You learn to generalise your findings, but more importantly you learn how to produce tight and concise logical arguments to prove your generalisations. By learning Mathematics, you become better at reasoning, logic and proof. The abstraction involved allows you to understand so many aspects of science, commerce or the world in general.

Students well be using the tools of Mathematics every day of their lives. Although it may not be the algebra they are taught in school.

My favourite classroom activity

The introduction of calculus, it takes Mathematics to another level. It creates so many powerful opportunities to explore Mathematics and its applications. It also creates the opportunity to discover the importance of one of the most interesting numbers, zero, and its partner, infinity.

What difference can good teaching make?

Teaching the belief that to struggle is good, it brings its own rewards. At some stage, we all can struggle with Mathematics. This creates an opportunity to consider how students approach their work and the importance of perseverance. The teacher needs to create a culture within the classroom where students feel safe to admit it is not working and they are struggling. When this occurs, and it can be hard, neither the teacher nor student should give up.

Other Hats

Working with wood. I spend most weekends using reclaimed timber to create all sorts of things (furniture, boxes, model buildings). The latest adventure is building a town around a garden railway. The Town Hall was the most challenging; I did struggle to make it work. It’s not perfect, but the struggle created a strong sense of accomplishment.

Learning is important to me, so I enjoy sitting in the garden, reading or in conversation. You can use the time to plan the next adventure, personal or professional.