Mr Kaid Normington

Life before Girton:
I’m a Bendigo boy. After completing my VCE, I auditioned for the Australian Army Band. I spent 17 years as a trumpet player in the army and played with some exceptional musicians in many locations in Australia and around the world. I now have three beautiful girls that keep me moving and laughing.

What I Love about Teaching:
Sharing the journey of learning is a never ending privilege that anyone can do, no matter how much you know already. Learning from books is one thing, but learning and teaching with people is what I find fascinating about teaching.

What is the best thing about teaching at Girton?
I’m loving the conversations with fellow staff and students. I really like hearing people’s stories of where they have been and where they dream to go.

My favourite classroom activity:
I love laughing, playing good music and showing how much fun playing an instrument is. I love encouraging people to enjoy life, challenge themselves and have fun becoming confident people in the community.

What difference can good teaching make?
A good teacher understands their student and can communicate with them at their level of understanding. A teacher should also be able to demonstrate their love for the subject they are teaching.

Other Hats:
I have been studying Korean language for a few years now and really love it. If you know Korean, please quiz me. I also enjoy First aid and connecting with people of all ages.
I love adventure!