Mr Graham Crickmore

Life before Girton
Kingsbury Technical School Yr 7 to 10
El Camino High School, Sacramento, CA Yr 10/11
Melbourne High School Yr 11/12
La Trobe University Bundoora: Bachelor of Physical Science (Applied Mathematics and Physics) & Diploma of Education (Secondary)
AFL/VFL Football Umpire, Kitchen-hand/waiter working at many of Melbourne’s fine restaurants.

Teacher      (Mathematics, Science, Physics, System Engineering)
MDA Grammar School Mooroolbark (1988),
Billanook College Mooroolbark 1989- 1995,
St Catherine’s School Toorak 1996- 2000,
Girton Grammar School Bendigo 2000 –
Positions held: Head of Daily Organisation, Head of Camps Programme, Assist to Head of Science, Co-Head of Science.
GGS Staff Association President, Treasurer and Secretary.
MIC: duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme & world Challenge Expeditions.

What do you love most about teaching?
The interactions I have with my colleagues at all levels of the GGS community and those within the student body, whether it be in the confines of the classroom, the great outdoors (jungle included), or simply whilst doing yard duty. A support person when needed to assist those whom I meet. To instil a joy of learning and be able to express my passion for my subject area.

What is the best thing about teaching at Girton?
The community, a very supportive and caring workplace extended to the staff, students and parents.

What do you love most about your subject?
The interactions at a level of real life situations created in the mixed Science classroom, from the construction of something to the explanation of a particular concept, theory or law or the understanding of simple cause to effect.

Describe what difference you think good teaching can make to any student
Life changing on a day to day basis, with a developed relationship in a positive light the teacher, student and parent relationship can achieve many things, with all benefitting in the end. To develop a life-long learner with respect when required, to question when needed, to listen when required and to act when positively when appropriate.

Why should a student choose your subject?
Although science has many different faces, the physical sciences provide many opportunities for investigation at a theoretical and experimental level. To be able to problem solve, deal with the unexpected and manage such, develops life-long learners willing to adapt under a variety of conditions. The ability to question and develop an understanding of any concept with a strong hands on approach, linking the theory to the real world, benefits the person and who they will become.

The future is about Science…..but I am bias…

Describe a favourite lesson or classroom activity that your students invariably love.
Year 10 Science Assembly of the Chemical Rocket: Students in Yr 10 science as part of their Physics curriculum build a rocket to be launched. Students work in teams of 4, each constructing a particular section of the rocket. Once finally assembled they launch the rocket, using a chemical fuel cell, investigating the time taken to max height, the height reached and the effect of the parachute that opens (hopefully) for the return journey.

The unit of work is designed to challenge the problem solving skills of the students, the effects of gravity on objects through data analysis and the effectiveness of aerodynamics in relation to the forces concerned.

Other Hats
Position of Responsibility: Head of Daily Organisation
This role requires high levels of communication to a variety of people within the Girton community. But more importantly it has taught myself and the people with whom I work with very closely every day, the skills to listen. Not to directly jump to a solution or pathway but to hear out the thoughts or “desires” of an individual or group and then develop plans to implement effectively.  This role never has two days alike, hence the need to be resilient, open and “ready.”

What co-curricular activities are you involved with at Girton?
In my position of Head of Camps, I do like the great outdoors. I respect that GGS, has from its inception allowed and encouraged students to get outside and give things a go. Many other schools have decided to move away from these programs, clearly defining them in the “too hard basket….”

To take students and sometimes staff outside their comfort zone, to test them, to challenge them and to allow them to develop strong self-discipline, self -respect, leadership and a growing sense of environmental awareness. The rewards are not always immediate but are certainly nurtured and never forgotten.

“I am better for doing what I did”

 Duke of Edinburgh’s Award scheme (2001 – )

World Challenge Expeditions (2005 -)

Science and Engineering Challenge.

What are your passions or hobbies outside of work?
Family, golf, bushwalking, travelling, watching movies and sport, gardening and general home maintenance.