Mr Andrew Lorincz

Andrew LORINCZLife before Girton

So far I am a ‘lifelong’ Teacher. I attended The University of Melbourne where I completed a Bachelor in Science Education in 1977. I commenced teaching at Heywood High School in 1978 and taught there in 1979 as well. In 1980 I attended the Australian National University to commence a Bachelor of Arts. I returned to Heywood High School in 1981. In 1982 I was transferred to Ouyen High School where I completed my Arts Degree by off campus study via Deakin University Geelong. I taught at Ouyen High School until the end of 1985 where I “reached” the position of Curriculum Coordinator. In 1986 I moved to Castlemaine and taught at Creek Street Christian College Bendigo for fifteen years until 2000. I commenced at Girton Grammar School in 2001. Whilst at Girton I have completed a Post Graduate Course (Certificate of Philosophy) through The University of Melbourne

What I Love about Teaching

It is being part of the process of seeing others, primarily adolescents, attain a greater understanding of some facets of the world they are interacting with. Being a facilitator of this process and viewing genuine understanding especially that kind where students genuinely work at attaining achievements is very rewarding. To help students to reach their potential and for some to come closer to self-actualising is very special for me, it does not get much better than that!

I am spoilt to be teaching at Girton. By far the vast majority of students wish to genuinely learn. I have to spend so little of my time trying to manage students who are not interested in genuine education. This makes my role as an educator at Girton so rewarding for me.

What do you like best about the subject/s you teach?

Mathematics is an essential tool for living in modern society. For everyday survival, topics dealt with in Year 8 are probably enough to get by. Many people confuse Arithmetic with Mathematics. Arithmetic is a small part of Mathematics. Mathematics is a human invention. It has simplistic beauty in its logic. Mathematics mostly favours convergent thinking; one correct answer to a problem. The Real Fun and Art, is to understand what a problem is asking and then try bringing the appropriate and relevant ideas to help solve the problem; this the creative  side of Mathematics.

My favourite classroom activity

I also teach Philosophy. It takes me quite a few weeks, but when I can convince the students they will never know how accurate their view of the outside world is as compared to the real outside world, the looks on some of their faces is worth bottling! And when a student then asks how can we be certain the outside world exists at all? I then go wow!

Other Hats

Over the years I have been a passionate member of the City to Surf co-curricular activity. We train all year round primarily for one event, the biggest organised Fun Run in the world, Sydney’s City to Surf. This is a challenging 14km run from the City to Bondi Beach.

Outside of work on the physical fitness side I enjoy running and mountain bike riding. I enjoy reading the weekend papers and books with a philosophical bent. I enjoy fine food and wine. In addition I enjoy building things from small sheds to carports to house extensions to houses.