Miss Chloe Tunzi

Life before Girton
I grew up and still live with my family in the town of Kyneton where I completed my schooling at the local Catholic Schools before enrolling into a Bachelor of Early Childhood Education at La Trobe Bendigo. After completing two years of this course I then transferred into a Bachelor of Education for a semester before deferring to completed a course of Animal Studies at the Bendigo TAFE. While completing my studies at TAFE, I worked in the Out of School Hours Program at Tylden Primary School which continuously reminded me how much I loved working with children and working in a school environment. So, I returned to La Trobe Bendigo and enrolled in a Bachelor of Education in which I am currently completing my third year.

What I Love about Teaching
​I think it is as simple as seeing their smiling, happy faces when they come into the classroom in the morning, learning alongside the students because you can never know too much or be finished learning. Knowing each day you are going to make a difference to someone else’s life.

What is the best thing about teaching at Girton?
​So far the best thing about working at Girton is the wonderful colleagues I have been able to work with and meet. It is remarkable to work in a school with such a diverse range of individuals that are so warming, welcoming and have a love for teaching.

What do you like best about the year level you teach?
I am very much enjoying working with the Year Ones this year. I believe this is because everything is still very new and exciting for them. Whether it is learning something new and then being able to connect this with something that students have done in their own lives, or when they already know it and are excited to teach it to you and others.

My favourite classroom activity
​Storytime. I love reading books myself in my own time. But reading and watching young children being read to, their excitement, their attentiveness and watching them make real life connections and be swept away by a story is very excited to be apart of.

What difference can good teaching make?
I believe a good teacher can make learning and school exciting, fun and relatable to each individual child.