Mrs Amber Weston

Amber KOTZURLife before Girton

I grew up on a big sheep, wheat and cattle farm in a small country town called Culcairn, which is between Albury and Wagga Wagga, NSW. We moved to Albury in 2002 and I completed my HSC in 2006, before moving to Bendigo for University in 2007. I worked in both the hospitality and retail industries for five years prior to, and during my degree at La Trobe University in Bendigo. I have a Bachelor of Business in Human Resource Management and Marketing (completed in 2009) as well as a Diploma of Education (Secondary) (completed 2010). I spent two years living and working in London, United Kingdom, as both a primary and secondary teacher in 2011 and 2012 before commencing my career here at Girton Grammar in 2013.

What I Love about Teaching

What I love most about teaching is the ability to explore variety and to share my passion for the subjects that I teach. I love that every day is a different day in the classroom. Teaching allows me to step outside my comfort zone and try new methods of teaching and learning.
The best thing about teaching at Girton is seeing the students flourish and thrive on the endless opportunities that the School provides.

What do you like best about the subject/s you teach?

I have taught a range of subjects (Personal Development, History, KPM, Geography, Commerce, Economics, Accounting and Business Management) that all have relevance to the real world. I love that each subject enables me to incorporate engaging, hands-on and real-life activities that all students can relate to one way or another.

My favourite classroom activity

My favourite activity in the classroom is watching my Year 8 History class write and re-enact the Battle of Hastings in groups. They have one lesson to write their script, create their own props, practice their role play/performance and present it to the class at the end of the lesson. They then have to present it again but in one minute, then again in 30 seconds, and again in 10 seconds! A guaranteed amusing and enjoyable lesson for all!

What difference can good teaching make?

Successful students should be well-organised, time efficient, have the ability to work alongside others, communicate regularly with their teachers and be responsible for their own learning. Good teaching enables the development and sustainable relationship with students, and the ability to motivate students to reach their potential.

Other Hats

I was heavily involved in the Basketball Co-Curriculum as the MiC for a number of years as well as Team Manager. I have also been part of the Public Speaking Co-Curriculum and I am currently the MiC is Debating 2020. Outside of work, I am passionate about fitness (Gym, triathlons and netball), photography and travelling as well as spending time with my boys and going on little hidden adventures!