Ceberano Sings with Forever Young

1st August 2018

Australia’s most prolific female songwriter and pop music icon, Kate Ceberano, will headline this year’s Forever Young Rock Choir concert at the Ulumbarra Theatre on Tuesday 18 September.

With 24 albums spanning a 35-year career, Kate Ceberano possesses one of the great voices of her generation in both pop and jazz genres. Ms. Ceberano was recently awarded the Order of Australia and is the first female inducted into The Australian Songwriters Hall of Fame. She will co-direct a new five-day wellness festival in Daylesford.

Director of the Forever Young choir, Mrs. Laura Dusseljee, said that the theme for this year’s concert was “Dream”.

“It’s a bit of a dream to have Kate Ceberano perform with our choir this year, so the concert theme is already becoming a reality for us.

“The average age of our choir members is 75 but there was a collective gasp of excitement and recognition the moment our headline act was announced.

“The Girton Grammar student string orchestra and jazz band that will accompany the choir is very much looking forward to performing with such a well-known music legend and they will learn so much from such an accomplished public performer,” Mrs. Dusseljee said.

The Forever Young choir, established in 2011 as part of Girton Grammar School’s Community Service program, gives senior citizens from Bendigo and beyond an opportunity to come together every week in a fun and friendly environment to sing. The annual concert has become a much-loved community event in Bendigo and is the highlight of the year for all who are involved. As well as the Choir Director, Girton Grammar School provides instrumental support for the choir, event management and publicity for the annual concert, the venue and morning tea for weekly choir rehearsal.

“The choir is made up of an incredible group of people. They are so passionate about what they do and they support each other in every way.

“The physical and mental health benefits of singing are well proven and this group of energetic senior citizens is living proof of the power of collective effort.

“The energy they bring to rock songs of all eras has to be heard to be believed and I am so proud of their effort and dedication.

“Over the past eight years, the choir has performed to thousands of people at their much anticipated annual concert.

“The choir will provide backup vocals for Ms. Ceberano and the music for the student ensembles will be specially arranged for the performance of all songs,” Mrs. Dusseljee said.

Tickets for the Forever Young Rock Choir concert at Ulumbarra Theatre featuring Kate Ceberano are now on sale at the Capital Theatre.

The Live. Love. Life festival in Daylesford will be held on November 14 – 18. The festival’s program will embrace all elements of wellness through a range of activities including yoga, meditation, creative workshops and inspirational speakers.