Handling Year 12 with Grace

12th December 2019

Graceful by name and nature, Year 12 Girton Grammar School student, Grace Whyte, entered the year with a positive approach and has been an exemplary role model to younger students, despite the high expectations she has of herself to gain entry into a medical degree.

“At the start of the year, I attended Lady Somers Camp, which had a huge impact on my self-belief and made me realise I am capable of pushing myself more than I thought.

“The camp set me up with a good mind-set for entering Year 12, and although I have felt quite a lot of pressure this year with the ATAR required for Medicine, being reminded that the ATAR is just a number and there are always pathways to achieve your goals, has really helped me,” Grace said.

This year, Grace studied Biology, Chemistry, English Language, Further Mathematics, and Mathematical Methods. She hopes to study Medicine at Monash University or the University of Adelaide and says that her Year 12 journey has been an enjoyable one.

“I have enjoyed all of my subjects this year, and the teachers have been amazing in providing help and support whenever needed.  If I had to pick, my favourite subjects have been Biology and Chemistry. I have always loved science.

“Year 12 has been a special year for many reasons. I’ve become close with classmates and have developed great relationships with my teachers.

“I have loved the opportunity to be a mentor to a Year 6 class and the coach of a Junior Netball team.  This has allowed me to get to know students from younger year levels and has been a rewarding and valuable experience,” Grace said.

Grace has been actively involved in Sport, Community Service, Leadership and a range of Co-curricular activities during her seven years at Girton Grammar School. She is a House Prefect for Riley House. Grace acknowledges many people for supporting her in her studies this year but reserves special thanks for her family, who she says has been her greatest support.

“My family has been there for me since day one, and I’m so grateful to have had them by my side this year.

“The support and encouragement provided to my cohort this year at school had a really positive impact on me, reminding me to try my best at everything I do. My self-confidence has improved immensely as a result,” Grace said.

Grace Whyte (left) with her sister Erin, mother Benet and father, Brett.