Glitz, Glamour, Laughter and So Much More

23rd May, 2017

It is only 4 weeks until the Senior School production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Girton Grammar’s glamorous and glitzy take on one of Shakespeare’s funniest plays will feature outlandishly confusing love triangles taken from the original playwright, but with characters ranging from mischievous fairies to famous Hollywood actors, the storyline becomes even more far-fetched and has a distinct swagger of downtown cool.

Eleven LED screens will be used to cast out landscapes of the New York skyline, Central Park and The Athenian Jazz Club and along with live jazz music on stage, the audience will be transported to a time and place where magical things happen.

This is an action packed play suitable for Shakespearian purists and anyone who likes larger than life comedy in excessive doses.