Girton Uniforms Arrive at Filipino School

5 June 2020

After six weeks in transit, thirteen boxes of 1,200 repurposed Girton Grammar School uniform items have arrived at the Pangamihan Elementary School in the Phillippines, ready for the commencement of the new school year in mid June.

Acting Head of Girton Grammar School, Dr Emma O’Rielly, said that it had been quite a journey for the school uniforms and that many people had been involved.

“This is a project of which we are so proud, and especially at this time, as we ask students to look beyond themselves, it is wonderful to have received photos of our boxes safely at the school.

“One of our Junior School parents, Kate Mahony, kick-started the project by raising money from the sale of second-hand Girton uniform items, which allowed the non-profit social enterprise, Sisterworks, to undertake rebranding of the uniforms.

“For a country dealing with the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic and also having to manage evacuations because of typhoons, this donation means even more at this time.

“Some areas of the Phillipines have experienced very extended lockdown periods so the commencement of the school year will be warmly welcomed by the Pangamihan Elementary School students and we look forward to seeing the students in their uniforms,” Dr O’Rielly said.

Many children walk up to two hours each way, to and from school, each day at the Pangamihan Elementary School. The school does not currently have a school uniform and Sisterworks will soon commence a project, based at the Girton Grammar Junior School, to repurpose Senior School uniforms for older students.

“The dual achievement of reducing waste in the transition to our newer school uniform style and helping those less fortunate has been immensely rewarding for everyone involved.

“The ‘Sisters’ have done incredible work and we are pleased to have them work in our Junior School and for students to assist with sorting of uniform items,” Dr O’Rielly said.