Composers Perform With The Best

22nd Februray 2018


Two Girton Grammar School students are amid only a dozen students across the State selected to have their original musical compositions performed at the prestigious Top Class Sounds concert tomorrow in Melbourne.

Headmaster at Girton Grammar School, Mr Matthew Maruff, said that it was a great honour for Year 12 students, Lily Begg and Malakai Tokovic, to have their compositions performed at an event renowned for high quality applicants.

“These students are an exceptional example of what young musical minds can achieve.

“To have their music performed at the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority’s (VCAA) annual Top Class Sounds event is an indication that they are amongst the very best of the best in musical composition.

“Both students completed the VCE 3/4 Music Style and Composition subject whilst in Year 11 last year and their concert music will be performed by Girton Grammar music teachers. Lily will also perform alongside her music teachers on the cello and the piano,” Mr Maruff said.

Lily’s composition is titled “The Glass Heart” and is inspired by the children’s fairy-tale by Sally Gardner, which tells the story of a Venetian Princess and a glassblower, Valentino. Lily drew inspiration from composers such as Schumann, Debussy and Saint-Saens to produce a magical and dramatic piece of music.

Malakai’s composition “Ants in Cycles” tells the story of the chaotic journeys of worker ants within a colony, portraying an unpredictable sense of movement whilst maintaining a lively mood. Artists such as Toby Fox, the Red Hot Chili Peppers and soundtracks from David Attenborough’s documentaries, influenced Malakai.

“The depth of musical talent within our School is so impressive and we conduct more than 600 music classes per week.

“Musical composition is particularly demanding and requires creativity, originality and discipline.

“Lily and Malakai are both talented musicians and composers and I have no doubt that they have a musical future well within their grasp if that is the path that they choose,” Mr Maruff said.