Fruitful Job Supports World Challenge Trip

In June, 36 Girton Grammar students and 6 staff members, will set off on the trip of a lifetime to Cambodia and Thailand as part of the renowned World Challenge program, but for most, the hard work has already begun with working part time jobs to raise the money to get themselves overseas.

Year 9 student, Alexi Ginis works at the Castlemaine Fresh Fruit Shop on Saturdays and is well on his way to raising the $6,500 he needs to be a part of the expedition.

“I got a job because I knew my parents couldn’t support my whole trip, so I had to save some money myself. I also wanted to learn about retail and the working world.

“I’ve done pretty well saving the money I’ve earned from the fruit shop and I’ve also been saving small amounts of money that I’ve received for Birthdays and Christmas from family members. I have also made money from a garage sale and through gardening for friends and family.

“I have borrowed the last part of my final installment from my parents which I will pay back over the next year,” Alexi said.

Alexi said that it has been challenging to fit in school and other commitments as well as work but that he really enjoys working with other people and learning about retail. Alexi has hiked and camped from a young age, but has never done anything as long or demanding as the one month World Challenge trip.

“I’m looking forward to hiking through jungle and helping people who are less fortunate. I am also looking forward to learning more about Asian culture.

“World Challenge is a bit of a tradition at Girton and everyone works really hard to get there.

“We hear about the trips that those before us have done and many students say that it is a life changing experience, especially because of the charity work; helping people in remote communities,” he said.

Girton Grammar School has been taking students on World Challenge trips since 2006 as part of its Outdoor Education co-curricular program. More than 230 students have taken part in a range of trips. The expeditions help to equip students with leadership skills, initiative and compassion as they immerse themselves in the local communities and do charitable work in remote communities.


Alexi at the Castlemaine fruit shop:  Photo by Craig Terry
Alexi at the Castlemaine fruit shop:
Photo by Craig Terry