Co-Curriculum Selections

Dear Students & Parents,

It is expected that all Girton students undertake two Co-curricular activities. At least one of these must be a Girton Co-curricular activity and the second may be either an additional Girton Co-curricular activity or a non-school based activity in your local community.

A copy of the Co-Curriculum booklet can be found here for your reference. If you would like to include a local community activity (non -school based activity) such as soccer, football, gymnastics etc as part of your Co-curriculum selections please print and fill out the Community Involvement Activity form found here then address to Ms Holly Speed and return to the school.

Please do not hesitate to contact Ms Holly Speed, Sports Co-ordinator (, or Mr Trevor Parry, in the IT office should you have any enquiries.


Please Note: Sports Excellence and Co-curriculum

If you are involved in the Sports Excellence programme and in Year 7, 8 or 9, you are only required to select one Co-curriculum activity. The Sports Excellence programme is conducted either before school or after school, so consideration was given to the reduction of time students have to devote to co-curriculum activities.

You can still choose two Co-curriculum activities as well as the Sports Excellence programme.

Please complete the form below if you hope to be involved in the Sports Excellence Program.

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