COVID-19 update to the Girton community

1st August 2020

The following is a copy of correspondence sent by the Acting Head to the Girton community: 

Dear Parents and Carers


I am very pleased to confirm that the student in our community with a family member who currently has COVID-19 has tested negative for COVID-19.

While this news is a relief for the family, they will remain in quarantine under the guidance of DHHS and have our full support at this difficult time.

The students who were identified as contacts of the potential case of COVID-19 have been exemplary, and they have been warmly supported by parents who have calmly led the way. Impacted staff members have been equally obliging and composed.

Who knows what tomorrow may bring, but for now, our community has yet again been fortunate. We look forward to welcoming students and staff who were directly impacted via our contact tracing back to school on Monday.

Yours sincerely

Dr Emma O’Rielly
Acting Head