2017 House Captains

Familia Unimini – “Unite as Family”

Left to Right: Cassandra Liacos (Vice Captain), Samuel Cox, Michaela Hume, Henry Coventry-Brownrigg (Vice Captain)

Left to Right: Poppy Cornelius (Vice Captain), Ethan Kian-Goble, Hannah Green, Rhys Pether (Vice Captain)


Pariter Valete – “Be Strong Together”

Left to Right: Ruby McCubbin (Vice Captain), Gracie Jackel, Samuel Hilson,
David Russell (Vice Captain)

Left to Right: Madeline Dole (Vice Captain), Mac Hilson, Rebecca Ashman, Jeremy Carlson (Vice Captain)



Scientiam Quaerite, Sapientier Agite: “Seek Knowledge, Act With Wisdom”

Left to Right: Connor McCaig (Vice Captain), Liam Richardson, Erin Taylor, Polly Barnett (Vice Captain)

Let to Right: Polly Robertson (Vice Captain), Augustine Leung, Elise Richards, Will Perrin (Vice Captain)


Nullus Fructus Sine Labore – “No Reward Without Effort”

Left to Right: Emily Shoebridge (Vice Captain), Adele McGaffin, Harrison Walker, Thomas Ayers (Vice Captain)

Left to Right: Esther Barclay (Vice Captain), Joshua Smith, Tyla Noonan, Matthew Edwards (Vice Captain)


Fortiter Agite – “Act With Courage”

Left to Right: Hally Nyhus (Vice Captain), Peregrin Hawke, Chaise Priestly, Kai Andrews (Vice Captain)

Left to Right: Samuel Stewart (Vice Captain), Michelle Slow, Lincoln Hocking, Emily Russell (Vice Captain)


Actis Noscemur – “By Our Deeds We Shall Be Known”

Left to Right: Kayle Thompson (Vice Captain), Prudence Whiteley, Harrishmann Shobanan, Jemma Kulbars (Vice Captain)

Left to Right: Zoe MacGregor (Vice Captain), Angus Macafee, Matisse Fennessy, Ben McConachy (Vice Captain)