Cassie Runs Her Own Race

14th December 2014

Year 12 Girton Grammar School graduate, Cassie Liacos, has studied Maths, Science, and Business and is aiming to do a double degree in Biomedicine and Commerce at Monash University next year, pacing herself to get there. 

Cassie has enjoyed the bonding experience of undertaking her final year of school with friends and has balanced out her study with netball, basketball, and violin.

“This year, in particular, we have been encouraged to be whoever we want to be and supported in being many things at once too, whether that’s scholarly, musical or sporty.

“I think it is important not to compare yourself to others in your class in terms of how much work you do or the marks that you get. It is simply up to individuals to do their best.

“I find that when I am busier I get more done so I try to plan out my time and work hard for set periods of time and break up study with exercise,” Cassie said.

Cassie said that school had prepared her well for the future and that whilst she would miss the daily contact with good friends, she was looking forward to the next step in life.

“The Community Service program at Girton has been particularly beneficial in broadening the context of our connection with a wider world and taught us to think beyond ourselves.

“I have also really appreciated being encouraged to recognise that participation is the only way to take advantage of opportunities. Sometimes jumping first makes sense.

“There are many annual traditions at the school that have become a rite of passage for Year 12 students and I have loved taking part in those things this year.

“The VCE Conference at the start of the year where we visit Universities in Melbourne and the Easter Egg hunt that the Year 12 students run for younger students are two good examples,” Cassie said.

When asked who her greatest support has been this year, there is no hesitation from Cassie.

“Mum. It’s been a journey and we’ve been on it together and I am so grateful to have had mum by my side,” she said.

Pictured: Girton Grammar School Year 12 graduate, Cassie Liacos, with sister, Alex, father Stan and mother, Ewa.