Ms Amanda Lilburne

Life before Girton

  • Head of Numeracy, Eaglehawk Secondary College
  • Head of Lester Learning Community, Eaglehawk Secondary College
  • (Leading Teacher with extra responsibility of Data collection and Analysis)
  • Diploma of Applied Science (Agriculture)
  • Graduate Diploma of Education
  • Regional Numeracy Coach

What I Love about Teaching
Instilling the love of learning in students and the every changing classroom environment that makes teaching a dynamic experience.

At Girton I love the students’ willingness to learn, the facilities and the importance on pastoral care and the development of relationships outside the classroom through the co-curriculum program.

What do you like best about the subject/s you teach?
Mathematics allows a student to develop analytical and thinking skills. It allows a student to understand the importance of having a systematic approach to solving problems.

My favourite classroom activity
Collaborative group activities using KAGAN structures
Listening and sharing each other’s thoughts and processes on solving mathematical problems.

What difference can good teaching make?
A successful student in my classroom celebrates both successes and embraces mistakes as a learning opportunity. They are an active learner that has the confidence to share their thoughts and ideas without fear of failure.

Good teaching can lead to a love and enthusiasm for learning, a willingness to make mistakes and own them as an opportunity to learn together and embracing new technologies as learning opportunities in the classroom. I believe we can often learn more together.

Other Hats

  • Volleyball
  • Head of Year Seven/Eight Curriculum