HockeyGirton Grammar School students are encouraged to develop physical skills, co-ordination, and physical fitness so that they may gain a sense of enjoyment and satisfaction from individual and team sporting activities. The provision of opportunities for healthy competition and the fostering of co-operation, integrity and sportsmanship within these situations is an important part of life at Girton. Girton has a comprehensive sport program with teams competing in domestic competitions on a weekly basis. We also have representative teams selected to compete against schools in the Bendigo region, in the School Sport Victoria Sandhurst Division (Sandhurst Division) competition and in the Independent Country Co-Educational Schools’ (ICCES) competition.

Co-curriculum Sports Clubs:

RunningWe have four major sporting clubs which compete weekly in the domestic competition; namely basketball, volleyball, netball and hockey. The netball, basketball and volleyball clubs cater for more than twenty teams each, ranging from U/12 through to U/18 level. Students have the opportunity to represent Girton in State and National Championships. The Girton volleyball teams, for example, compete on a regular basis in the National Championships and were recently ranked fourth in Victoria and fifth in Australia. Our distance athletes train twice a week in preparation for the 14km City to Surf run held in Sydney. This year more than 70 students and staff made the journey, with some students (and teachers) recording excellent times.

Sandhurst Division (School Sport Victoria)

In the Sandhurst Division competition we compete in a variety of sports throughout the year with teams selected from combined Year levels; Basketballnamely Year 7s and 8 (Junior) and combined Years 9 and 10 (Intermediate). Years 11 and 12 students are included in the major carnivals. Students are selected to represent the School in the following:

  • Major Carnivals:

    Swimming, Athletics, Cross Country

  • Sports:

    Basketball, Cricket, Netball, Hockey, Table Tennis, Volleyball, Football, Soccer, Badminton, Tennis


Swimming Carnival: Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre, South Melbourne
Athletics Carnival: Lakeside Stadium, Albert Park, Melbourne
Cross Country and Debating: La Trobe University, Bundoora Park, Melbourne
Winter Sports Tour: Two day tournament currently conducted in Shepparton.
We compete against the other six ICCES schools in soccer, netball, basketball and hockey. Our teams are selected from Junior (Years 7 to 9) and Senior (Year 10 to 12)

Netball* We also compete separately with one of the ICCES schools in both summer and winter competitions.

In 2014 we began what will become an annual winter sports competition with Ballarat Grammar.  The sports played were football and netball.

Goulburn Valley Grammar School, Shepparton: Cricket, tennis, football and netball