Ms Yumi Onodera

Yumi ONODERALife before Girton

After I completed a Bachelor of Arts (Majoring in Western Thought) in Japan, I worked as a full-time office worker in Tokyo to save money to come to Australia. I chose to come to Adelaide and study Education at the Flinders University of South Australia, and completed a Postgraduate Bachelor of Education.

Before commencing at Girton in 2008, I worked as a Teacher of Japanese and SOSE (Study of Society and Environment) for various primary and secondary schools in various Australian towns and cities.

What I Love about Teaching

Teaching can be one of the hardest and most challenging of professions, but for me it is also the most rewarding. I work hard to establish and maintain positive relationships with students, and enjoy watching their development and progression throughout their education.

One of the other appeals of teaching for me is the fact that I am paid to continue with my own learning. Learning new things is something I always enjoy.

What I love about teaching Japanese

I strongly believe that learning a second language offers students a range of rich educational experiences. It does not only develop a practical skill in an increasingly internationalised world, but also opens and expands the minds of young people, and allows them to make stronger connections with the world around them.

My favourite classroom activity

I love to watch my students confidently speaking in Japanese. Students create their own scripts in groups using sentence patterns and vocabulary they have learnt. I often do video recordings so that I can send the students’ performances to their parents. The feedback from parents is always positive.

What difference can good teaching make?

Good teaching can make a difference in the lives of fellow human beings. This is my genuine belief and the driving force that keeps me teaching.

It is my pleasure to know that I am stimulating students’ curiosity about our world and the people in it.

Other Hats

I am the Manager of the Girton Grammar Under 16 Boys Basketball Team this year. I really enjoy sharing the experience with the team and their supporters at every game.

Outside of work I like cooking, reading, listening to music and watching sports (soccer and tennis especially).