Ms Stephanie Zenbergs

Stephanie ZENBERGSLife before Girton

Worked in vehicle registration office after University in Exeter, Devon, ENGLAND

Back to University-York, Yorkshire, ENGLAND to do Teaching course.  BA in English with Qualified Teacher Status.  Secondary subject-PE

Taught 5 years at a large primary school in Rotherham, Yorkshire, ENGLAND. Classroom teacher-Grades 4,5, 6.  Also, specialist PE teacher role. Taught French club after school.  Member of school award winning Brass Band.

Moved to Australia 2009

Qualified as a Dog Trainer and Behaviourist

Studying Canine Myofunctional Therapy

Became Australian Citizen 2015

What I Love about Teaching

  • When you see the student “understands” for the first time!
  • Making relationships
  • The collegiality of the Junior School staff

What do you like best about the subject/s you teach?

Language is the gateway to travel and confidence and an understanding of their own language.

My favourite classroom activity

Role play using the vocabulary they have learned in “real like” situations. Dressing up, using props and puppets. Students learn that what is taught can be used in the real world

What difference can good teaching make?

Good teaching develops confidence, a thirst for more information, self-reliance, self-discipline, a passion for studying a foreign language and knowledge and acceptance of other cultures

Other Hats

Junior School Netball

Running, Social volleyball, dogs, travel, Volunteer with Righteous Pups Australia