Mrs Judith Lingard

Judith LINGARDLife before Girton

Since I qualified as a teacher at Nottingham University whilst living in the U.K., I spent the early years of my career teaching English, French and Special Needs in large comprehensive (high) schools in England. In 1997 I returned to Australia, and taught across the age ranges at a variety of schools, including several years at Girton and also at independent schools in Melbourne such as Wesley College and St Michael’s Grammar School. I also had a stint out of teaching, setting up and running my own small businesses. Having recently settled back in Bendigo for good, I am very happy to be working at Girton once again.

What I Love about Teaching

I wanted to be a teacher for as long as I can remember. I really enjoy being creative in the classroom and building relationships with the students. They have amazing minds and it is incredible the things that I learn from them, even at an early age.

Girton is like a big family and when I came back to teach at Girton, it was like coming home.

What do you like best about the year level you teach?

Teaching students across the grades, from Prep to Grade 4, it is a privilege to see how quickly they learn, especially the Preps. I am able to see their progress as they mature.

Prep classes are my favourite because it’s like having a blank canvas to work on and they are ‘sponges’ for learning. Becoming a grandmother has helped me to see the younger students in a different light.

My favourite classroom activity

Teaching French and Drama is an interesting combination of subjects since role play, improvisation, puppets and oral work are very useful in learning a language in the early years and are also part of the Drama curriculum. Hence the teaching skills utilised in Drama and French are often interchangeable. This makes learning fun and it is something that flows naturally for me.

What difference can good teaching make?

Hopefully, to be successful as a student in my class, students will feel confident enough to try new things, especially in oral work and performance skills. They should be able to draw upon their personal strengths and particular learning style as an aid to their learning. Students will benefit from learning in a caring and safe environment where they are able to make mistakes and learn from them.

Other Hats

I support Junior School Netball as a co- curricular activity at Girton and I also assist with the running of the Junior School Production.

Outside of work I have a keen interest in vintage collectables, especially from the 1950’s era and you will often find me fossicking in local op-shops and at markets.

I love creating brooches from vintage haberdashery.

Writing children’s stories is also one of my favourite past times.