Mr Clayton W Jones, OAM

  • Clayton JONESBachelor of Science (honours)
  • Higher Diploma in Education
  • Master of Commerce
  • Master of Business Administration

Before Girton, Mr Jones taught in independent schools and a state school for over 22 years in Ireland and NSW.

He served as Headmaster of Girton from late 1992 to January 2010 before “sliding to far less relevance” (his own words) as a part-time teacher of Mathematics and Religious Education. As well as other awards, he was honoured with a Medal in the Order of Australia in 2012 for services to Girton and the Bendigo Community. The School honoured him in naming Jones House.

He nominates the joys of teaching include seeing the tortured faces of teenagers as another merry worse-than-Dad quip is inflicted on them through to the “got-it” moment when an intellectual barrier is breached. His schoolmasters all those years ago inspired him; his hope is that “I have passed it on” to some, at least, of his students.

On many mornings, he greets students with the phrase, “Good morning, another day in Paradise”. Yes, it does produce contorted faces, but he says working at Girton is a pleasure because we have very collegial staff and students in a cheerful, well-equipped environment.

Mathematics is the language of the model of the universe. In which other academic discipline can you add an infinite number of infinitesimally small items in four lines of algebra? Where else are the measurements of an aesthetically beautiful building related to the number of combinations of prefects you can select randomly? God works in mysterious ways but His algebra is perfect.

Girton is a school which operates in a “Christian environment”. Why not analyse St Luke’s Gospel to see what that actually means? With moral relativism one of the rotten philosophies of the age, it is important for students to examine a system of ethics which has driven the best of western civilisations.

Good teaching is the sine qua non of intellectual advancement, nothing less. The best classroom activities are when students are “writing, writing, writing” and understanding and building their acumen, taking personal responsibility and growing beyond dependence on the teacher.

At Girton, Mr Jones assists with Service activities, especially Service to Girton which has a squad of volunteer students working to assist staff and programmes at the School.

Away of his work, Mr Jones has a wide range of personal interests include a passion for swatting at balls and other irrelevancies.