Mr Chris Lees

Christopher LEESLife before Girton

  • 2003-07 Bachelor of Music (Honours) – The University of Melbourne
  • 2008-10 Print / Band & Orchestral Department Manager – Allans Music
  • 2010-12 Education Specialist – Allans Music Billy Hydes
  • Freelance Arranger and Transcriber (Wise Publications, Australian Guitar Magazine)

What I Love about Teaching

Having the ability to share the beauty and complexity of music with a younger generation is an honour and privilege. Music can be thought of an art form, where ideas are fluid and subjective to an audience. This contrasts with the laws, relationships and patterns we find in all forms of music. Merging these two paradigms and exploring this with students is a challenge and joy.

Girton Grammar School provides a unique setting for incubating the musicians of tomorrow. The community of teachers and students within the music department are not only immense in number, but passion and support. Students have the ability to participate in countless and diverse musical experiences at various levels of complexity.

My favourite classroom activity

The most effective way to learn music is with others. Having a community of musicians (or music enthusiasts) allows the student to experience more than just dots on a piece of paper. When a student and teacher have the opportunity to play music together, they are able to work, as peers, to create. Also, helping the student explore (and push) the boundaries of their playing is important. By creating challenges and competitions (who can play the longest/loudest), students can develop a greater control over their instrument, outside of a musical framework.

What difference can good teaching make?

When a student finds the right music teacher, they will both be motivated to explore (together) different and contrasting dimensions of music. These experiences should lead the student on a lifelong appreciation of music as an art form and develop a confidence that will allow them to participate or create music whenever they have a desire to.

Other Hats

Broadcaster and Producer with 3MBS and 3RRR Melbourne Community Radio Stations
Performed with Bendigo Symphony Orchestra & City of Greater Bendigo Brass Band