Mrs Ingrid Douglass

DOUGLASS IngridLife before Girton

Bachelor of Applied Science in Physical Education & Geography
Certificate IV in Assessment and Workplace Training
2006 – May /2008  
Teacher, Flora Hill Secondary College
(Year 9 and 10 Humanities, Year 9 Law)
2007 – 2008
Initiated and implemented “New Staff Support Program” (ETWR)
Casual Relief Teacher
(Flora Hill Secondary College & Bendigo Senior Secondary College)
2002 – 2004
Parent Educator, Loddon Mallee Regional Parenting Service, Centacare
Facilitator of Parent Education Programmes in Loddon Shire and Bendigo Group workshops relating to: Resilience, Positive Parenting, Relationships, Teenagers and Parties.
2000 – 2001
Teacher, Bendigo Senior Secondary College
(VCE Health & Human Development)
1997 – 1998
Teacher, Bendigo Senior Secondary College
(VCE Health and Human Development, Physical Education, Outdoor Education, VCE Management)
Project Officer, Principal Employee Relations
Department of Education (Melbourne)
Principal Performance Management System
Principal Accreditation
1994 – 1995
Teacher, Mooroolbark Heights Secondary College
(Year 7, 8 and 9 Geography, History and Physical Education)
Supply Teacher, Timeplan, London

What I Love about Teaching

It is wonderful to observe and interact with students away from the classroom setting on excursions, camps and during outdoor activities. The learning that takes place away from the classroom is powerful and builds resilience in our students.

Supporting those who struggle to achieve academically is extremely satisfying. It is so rewarding to observe students’ sense of accomplishment when they have persevered with a challenging learning task.

The best thing about teaching at Girton is being a part of the learning journey that each student takes as they grow and develop into fine young adults.

What do you like best about the subjects you teach?

The best thing about teaching Year Nine KPM is that you are creating real life scenarios for students. The skills associated with gaining knowledge, playing with that knowledge and then solving a problem or creating something gives students a sense of purpose and achievement. Students are learning skills that are relevant to life-long learning.

In Geography classes, fieldwork experiences provides students with the opportunity to visualise the theory and concepts that are discussed in class. Fieldwork helps students gain a deeper understanding of the cause, effect and solutions associated with particular Geographical areas of study.

My favourite classroom activity

I enjoy setting clear learning intentions for every lesson, so that students feel a sense of accomplishment by the end of the lesson. I believe “variety adds spice” and that students enjoy a range of different learning activities during class time. Moving from a timed challenge, working alone, in pairs or in small groups, changing the visual format of the lesson and allowing time for practical activities, quiet research, reflection and consolidation of the learning intention creates a powerful learning environment for students.

What difference can good teaching make?

A successful student at Girton is organised and methodical in their approach to learning. They listen with intention, contribute to classroom discussions, seek clarification, practise skills and are determined to do their best. They work consistently and plan and develop draft responses that can be checked prior to completing their final submission.

I like to role model best practice by being organised, following through by ensuring students achieve the learning intentions for each lesson, seeking feedback from students in regards to their understanding of key concepts, giving students opportunities to practice and providing clear assessment rubrics for students to follow when competing set tasks.

Other Hats

My Co-Curriculum involvement over the years has included: Hockey, Volleyball, Rowing, City to Surf and Netball. I am currently involved with the City to Surf co-curricular activity and I am looking forward to heading to the event in Sydney for the first time this year.

In 2014, I went of World Challenge with the most amazing group of Year 9, 10 and 11 students. Observing the resilience that students have in often challenging circumstances was an extremely powerful learning experience for me as a teacher.

I am a passionate about keeping fit and healthy and enjoy participating in the Winter Cross- Country season in Bendigo and the Distance Series during the summer.