Music Captains

2016 Music Captains

Music Captains 2016-7 Julia Conley (11 Jenkin)
Captain, Girton Flute Ensemble
“Girton Grammar’s music program gives students a welcoming environment where they can develop passion for music as well as enhance competency with the instrument of choice.Live performance allows us to show how we have progressed and to share our love for music with others. It is good to receive a sense of achievement after a brilliant performance.The Flute Ensemble has improved immensely with the quality of the music we produce. It’s wonderful how we’ve banded together as a team and can work through pieces that start out as a challenge but become easier as we refine our skills.”
Music Captains 2016-10 Miranda Knowles
Captain, Concert Choir (11 Riley)
“The best thing about the music program at Girton is that it is not just for the elite musicians. Musicians of all talent and skill can participate in a range of ensembles and music groups.It is great to showcase the group’s development over the year and our commitment to the music program.I love how everyone in the Concert Choir gives it a go and tries their best, no matter how skilled they are which gives the group a sense of community. Everyone also shows interest in, and contributes to, the choir by suggesting songs and proposing ideas.”
Music Captains 2016-11 Braeley Jones
Captain, Christopher Field Strings (11 Aherne)
“The Christopher Field Strings has provided opportunities to learn and perform with passionate teaching staff as well as musicians. The staff are as passionate about music as I am and this has helped me gain tremendous amounts of confidence in performances.Live performance allows us to showcase our talents and abilities to a wide audience and to use nervous energy to create an amazing tone. This was reflected in the orchestral performance for this year’s Senior School production of Beauty and The Beast.I really like being able to help the younger students grow and learn to love music the way I have learnt to love music as well as watching their performance abilities grow in confidence and stature.”
Music Captains 2016-5 Cara Humphry
Captain, Girton Singers (11 Millward)
“The music teachers and staff at Girton have a high level of experience, knowledge and expertise. Some of the teachers are active in the industry outside of Girton. This is very motivating for students.A live performance is opportunistic, thrilling and always a great learning experience.Girton Singers is a team of like-minded people from across the school working together and challenging each other to be better performers. I love being a part of the choir. We harmonise and create an awesome sound. I love the fulfilling and addictive process towards creating a high quality performance.”
Music Captains 2016-8 Robert Van Der Graaf
Captain, Wind Symphony (12 Riley)
“One of the most appealing aspects of the Girton music program is its varying range of instruments from guitars, to vocals to several orchestras, along with its diverse repertoire, which poses different challenges in style and technique.Live performances are a great exercise in building confidence, especially for younger performers. It creates many positive emotions and feelings, it’s about enjoying the instrument we love to play and sharing these passions with the audience. Who doesn’t love to show off their skills?Since joining Wind Symphony in year seven, I have seen it develop under the guidance of Mrs Vine, watching it expand over the years into a larger ensemble. The compositions vary in difficulty, allowing for many different skill levels from beginners to accomplished performers. I am proud to be leading a group such as this while also encouraging younger students to aspire to be greater musicians. I also would like to acknowledge the support from Wind Symphony Vice Captain, Riley Brennan.”
Music Captains 2016-3 Ellenor Moller
Captain, The Girton Big Band (12 Aherne)
“All of Girton’s music staff are very passionate and have upbeat, encouraging personalities which makes playing in all the different ensembles a lot of fun.I’ve always found live performances very nerve wracking, but now doing Solo Performance 3/4 I find the opportunities and challenges of the performances to be much more enjoyable, especially with the variety of music we play in Big Band.I think Big Band probably has the best music in the school – we get to try out different styles, attempt some solos, and really push ourselves to create the best music we can in every rehearsal. I also love being able to play and rehearse with all the younger students, who are a lot of fun, and see how they, and Big Band as a whole, progress through the year.”
Music Captains 2016-12 Haydn Musgrove
Captain, Symphony Orchestra (12 Millward)
“The best part of the Girton Music department is the various opportunities – such as performance opportunities – that students are given in order to improve all round musical ability, and also to further develop skills specific to their chosen instrument.I enjoy the sense of achievement that performing a piece live brings. Especially when it is something you have worked hard to achieve.I enjoy being able to help, and give advice to younger students that will enable them to be the best they can be in a way that means practicing at home or attending rehearsals is fun.”
Music Captains 2016-13 Hannah Holmes
Captain, Girton Chamber Choir (12 Riley)
“I love the sense of inclusion and mutual respect between teachers and students in Girton’s music program. It’s a really open and supportive atmosphere.There is something intensely gratifying about performing a piece to a live audience – it is the culmination of hours of hard work, and for a few short moments you have the capacity to entrance a room full of people – to take them along with you in a shared musical experience.The Girton Chamber choir is a group of like-minded, equally dedicated singers, and it’s fantastic to be able to share my love of music with such a friendly and talented group of people.”
Music Captains 2016-4 Ruby Shirres
Captain, String Orchestra (11 Millward)
“The Girton music staff are inclusive and encouraging, providing music skills, connection and friendship to an astonishing amount of students within the school.Music is the most eloquent way in which we as humans can communicate emotion. Live performance is about communication between the artist and the audience, be that in a chamber music concert or a stadium rock gig, and the connection between us as individuals of a combined whole is incredibly special. To have the sensation that you are feeling the same emotion as the person at the back of the hall will always continue to send a buzz through me.Music isn’t just about the notes on a page. Music creates a sense of belonging and friendship between unlikely people, people from all over the school, with all different interests. My job is to play and smile, essentially, and it is a job I am privileged to have. Each student is a component of a larger ensemble, but despite that we manage to forge strong friendships.”
Jeffiner Jennifer O’Sullivan
Captain, The Girton Jazz Band (12 Millward)
“At Girton there is every opportunity for students of all ages to be able to join an ensemble: from string orchestras, symphony orchestras, and numerous choirs. It gives all students the chance to enhance and expand on their musical capabilities from early junior school all the way to year 12.The sheer fact that we play for an audience, and having a live reaction to what we play is phenomenal. I was part of the Senior School Production this year, and it is an amazing, unique feeling to have a large audience to actually hear the audience laugh, cry and cheer along to the music and performance.Having the opportunity to grow and develop as a leader is something that I really enjoy, particularly as I’m always the “quiet” student in classes. Also having the band members grow and become better musicians alongside me is something I enjoy.”
Music Captains 2016-1 Alicia McGovern
Captain, Vocal Stagecraft (10 Riley)
“The best thing about Girton Grammar’s music program is most definitely the support from the staff and the endless opportunities they provide for the students. This group of staff takes every student into unique consideration and truly cares for what they value as learning musicians. We can never thank them enough for what they have done for us.Performing live gives students the opportunity to be with an audience, and especially at Girton, we have the most encouraging and supporting environment for us to grow as both musicians and performers.I love the relationships I create with the others in my vocal ensemble and we learn to balance both a fantastic personal relationship and an educational professional relationship with each and every member. This way we can move as a team and improve together.”
Music Captains 2016-2 Brontë Maruff
Vice Captain, Concert Choir (10 Jenkin)
“Girton’s music program is wonderful as it provides so many opportunities for all musicians, and is inclusive of every level of ability. It is welcoming to all who wish to be involved. The program possesses a large variety in ensembles. There are many opportunities to perform throughout the year, at events well suited to each ensemble or individual. The program is loved by all involved.Live performances are always memorable experiences for a number of reasons. The opportunity to showcase something that you have worked on extensively is gratifying. The ability to perform or play for an audience, and provide entertainment, is fulfilling for a musician.Concert Choir is a talented group of students, and coming to choir each week is something to look forward to. The choir has a great sound and an interesting repertoire, in numerous styles. It is an enjoyable and rewarding group to be a part of.”
Music Captains 2016-6 Riley Brennan
Vice Captain, Wind Symphony (12 Riley)
“Girton Grammar’s music program is unique and world class through the use of the schools facilities and musical teaches working with students for incredible development of the students skills.Live group performances are enjoyable because of the musical connection gained between friends while preforming for a supportive audience.Leading Wind symphony is enjoyable because of the connection gained through music to fellow musicians.”
Music Captains 2016-9 Tristan Vine
Vice Captain, The Girton Big Band (12 Jones)
“The diversity of the various ensembles at Girton is fantastic! We have students who are in Year 7 who’ve just started learning an instrument, working alongside Year 12s who are working towards their final recital in Melbourne.One of the most enjoyable parts about live performance is a relaxed approach. Lots of people get nervy when on stage but I enjoy making good music with good people!I take pride in my work as a musician and would like to see it grow further for future generations. As the Vice Captain of the Girton Big Band, seeing good, young players turn into awesome, mature players gives me a sense of accomplishment, knowing that I’ve helped with that.”