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We have a wonderful opportunity for your business to assist Girton Grammar School Bendigo with our major annual fundraising activity, the Girton Grammar School Fairbrother Fair, Sunday, November 2.

With exposure to over 1100 students, more than 900 Girton families and a diverse community across Greater Bendigo, our sponsorship packages offer great marketing value for your investment.

Please see below for sponsor packages. We would be only too happy to provide you with further information on these packages or discuss with you some variation that may better suit your business.

If you have any questions or would like to become a sponsor, please contact Mrs Margaret Keech, Girton Parent’s & Friends’ Association President, via email at .

Deadline for sponsorship is Friday, August 1, 2014.

Help make our Fair a fantastic success!!

GGS 2014 School Fair Sponsorship Packages

Medical researcher stays true to local upbringing

Bendigo woman Kathryn O’Brien, or Kathryn Field as she is known to the medical world, received a prestigious $50,000 research prize at the weekend.

The money will go to Mrs O’Brien continuing and improving her research.

Mrs O’Brien said she was proud of her rural upbringing in Bendigo.

“I think it is important to make sure people from rural areas know that you should never see that as a disadvantage,” she said.

“The world is your oyster if you are prepared to work hard.”

She studied at Melbourne University after completing high school at Girton Grammar.

She said the past few years had been “her busiest yet”.

While in Boston she completed her masters in public health at Harvard University.

Mrs O’Brien said she worked for the Royal Melbourne Hospital one day a week and the rest of the time resided in Bendigo.

She said her research had related to two types of cancer - bowel and brain tumors.

She said she ran clinical trials on each of these cancers to produce helpful information for the broader medical environment.

Her brain tumor clinical trial was the largest in Australia.

“I want to make sure the outcome is tangible and that all patients will see positive outcomes from the trial,” she said.

The prize money will go toward other potential research opportunities

Old Girtonians Association Careers Luncheon

The annual OGA Careers Lunch for year 12 students was held recently with three Old Girtonians’ sharing stories of their career path since leaving Girton. Speakers were Anne McIntosh (1994), physiotherapist, Todd Broadbent (2009), PE teacher and Cameron Bryan (2005), radiographer. Students and Old Girtonians’ enjoyed a bento-box style lunch in the atrium of the new building and left the event with a better understanding of different work places and possibilities.OGA1OGAOGA2OGA3OGA4

Bendigo EEV/HPV Grand Prix

Sign up your team today for the first ever Bendigo EEV/HPV Grand Prix to be held on August 23!
This 10 hour race will showcase two circuits, one for Primary HPV teams and the other for secondary EEV/HPV teams.  Deadline to register your team is Friday, July 23.  For details and registration criteria, go to

EB 2014 Event Poster

Zsófi Szabó Hungarian exchange student

I was an exchange student in Australia

2014 Old Girtonians’ Association AGM

The 2014 Annual General Meeting for the OGA will be held on Tuesday 29th July, 2014.

The meeting will be at 5.30pm at the school.

All OGA members are invited to attend.

Elections will be held for the OGA Executive Committee, including President.
To confirm your intention to attend email


TEDxBendigo event held at Girton Grammar School, left the participants in no doubt that just because you don’t live in a big city does not mean you cannot be innovative.  Many speakers were from Bendigo have reached the top of their game entirely whilst regionally based, others from further afield talked about innovation from the human perspective and argued the potential to innovate is within all of us, no matter where we are.

Child and Adolescent Psychologist, Michael Carr-Gregg said; “The human experience is made up of a myriad of emotions and events and in fact, often the more turbulent those experiences, the more likely the individual is to be innovative. “It’s about living on your wits and creating within yourself the resources to cope and progress.  “Some of the best ideas come from a place of desperation,” he said.

Other speakers who touched on the human experience of innovation were Chris DeAraugo from the Bendigo and Adelaide Bank and Year 6 Girton Grammar students, Caydn Thompson and Zoe Hilson.  “Digital networks are integral to our lives and vital now for most businesses and communities, but human networks can be even more powerful,” said. Mr DeAraurgo.

Talking on technological innovation, Tim Gentle from Design Experts gave mind-blowing demonstrations of 4D reality capability.  He began his TEDx Talk by drawing a television on a piece of paper and placing his iPhone in front of the picture to turn on ‘the TV’ on his iPhone.  “We are pretty close to an experience that mimics time travel,” Mr Gentle said.  “We can now place a hand held device over a picture in a book and the scene in the book will come to 4D life on that device.  “Our world is becoming a blend of digital things and real things – imagine the possibilities,” Mr Gentle said.

Herbert Hermens of Keech Australia spoke about 3D printing as the next industrial revolution.  “We can now print just about any object in 3D and the application for these technologies appears endless.  “It’s particularly crucial that Australia embrace and invest in this technology, given the challenges of manufacturing in this country, largely owing to high wage costs.  “We have the potential to be able to manufacture just about anything in a more flexible and innovative way that traditionally associated with manufacturing,” he said.

Headmaster at Girton Grammar School, Matthew Maruff said the success of today’s event was palpable.  “This has been a great event for Bendigo and our students have done an incredible job pulling together a professional, seamless and informative day.  “Innovation and a world of possibilities were brought to the fore today in a range of very inspired TEDx Talks,” Mr Maruff said.

You can watch all of the Ted Talks from today’s event in early July at

TEDx Committee with crew AV tech 1 Tim Gentle 1 Tedx Tshirts Matthew Marruff speaks Babel Carr-gregg and Gibbons Greenroom



After four months of hard work, Girton Grammar School Bendigo is the joint winner of the University of Melbourne’s “Amazing Spaghetti Machine Championship” at last Thursday’s competition.

Organised by the Melbourne School of Engineering, The “Amazing Spaghetti Machine” Contest was launched in 2011 as part of the University’s 150th Anniversary celebrations. Spaghetti machine is the Italian term for an overly complex machine or device that is used to perform a relatively simple task.

This annual competition for school students in Year 10 tests their knowledge and skills in maths, science, engineering, and project management by having them create a working machine that is truly outrageous.

Mr Matthew Maruff, Headmaster of Girton Grammar School Bendigo said that to be named a winner of this competition, not just once but for a third time, is an outstanding achievement for both the students and teachers involved.

“There were 24 teams which entered the event at the start of the year, with only 15 teams making it to final judging, said Mr Maruff.

“Not only did the students earn a nearly perfect score from the judges in the overall competition, but Girton Grammar also won the People’s Choice award for this competition for the third year in a row.  No one else has won this award since its inception in 2012.

“To enter the event, students need be from Year 10 and have the drive and enthusiasm for creating a unique and complex machine that works,” Mr Maruff said.

Year 10 Girton student, Lucas Kirby, said that this year’s machine runs through a series of different ways to wake up the “Jeff” doll.

“It starts with a clock running, followed by a bedside lamp being turned on then all the way through to his blanket being pulled off and finally after his bed is tipped up, he falls through a trap door and lands in his seat at the breakfast table,” Lucas said.

Schools can register a team to take part and once the task is announced the teams have around four months to design and construct their machines before presenting them for competition at the University of Melbourne.  All machines are judged by a mix of engineering industry professionals and academics from the Melbourne School of Engineering.



Girton Grammar School’s young Strings ensemble, the Poco Strings, took home Gold this past Friday at the 89th Annual Eisteddfod competition in Bendigo.  The Eisteddfod is held annually offering competitive and non-competitive sections for all types and styles of dance, vocal, instrumental, speech and drama performances. For several weeks each year, participants compete and perform, covering the full spectrum of the Performing Arts.  Girton Grammar School Headmaster, Matthew Maruff, said that it is a wonderful accomplishment for this group to win the Gold certificate in the Primary Schools Ensemble category. “This ensemble is made up of 35 talented Year Three and Four students from our Junior School who play varying types of stringed instruments from the Violin, Viola and Cello.  “With poco meaning little in Italian and these students being our little ones, they have been given the name Poco Strings.  These students started playing in Year Two and this is their first experience at playing in a large ensemble,” said Mr Maruff.  “They work on note reading, rhythm, pitch, dynamics and many other aspects of performing that will enhance their playing.  All students are committed to improving their skills and working together as an ensemble they take part in either an individual or group lesson each week.  “Girton’s Strings Program begins in Year Two with all students learning a stringed instrument.  Some then progress to Poco Strings in Years Three and Four, Super Strings in Years Five and Six and then to an Intermediate or Advanced Senior Ensemble in Years Seven to 12. “With their love of music, combined with this extensive program, these Girton students become amazing musicians.”


Over 250 Girton Grammar students and their families will support the Salvation Army’s Red Shield Appeal by door knocking in 42 communities across Greater Bendigo and Castlemaine on Sunday, May 25.

Girton Grammar School Bendigo Headmaster, Matthew Maruff, said that the School has been involved with the Red Shield Appeal campaign since 1993.

“Community service is highly valued and strongly encouraged at Girton and it is inspiring to see the students volunteering their time to help raise money for the Salvation Army and for those in need,” said Mr Maruff.

The Salvation Army’s, Captain Andrew van Gaalen, said that Girton contributes more volunteers and raises more money than any other school in Australia.

“The money that these students raise goes directly towards the social services programs of the Salvation Army,” Captain van Gaalen said.

“We wouldn’t be able to help as many families without Girton’s annual contribution of time, volunteers and fundraising efforts”

Over the past few years, Girton Grammar School has received awards from the Salvation Army for its assistance with the Red Shield Appeal and its commitment to helping those less fortunate in our community.